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About Eating Disorders

The following pages contain important information about eating disorders that you should find helpful. We have included some additional information in each of these pages that relates more specifically to the Long Island and Metro NY area.

An “official” diagnosis of an eating disorder is made by clinicians using the criteria listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel, Fifth Edition (DSM-V) which was recently updated and released in 2013. The DSM-5  lists diagnostic criteria for psychiatric conditions including major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, developmental disorders, and addictions in addition to eating disorders. The new DSM-5 has modified some the criteria used in prior editions to diagnose eating disorders and these modifications are included in the descriptions below.

Although the DSM-5 defines the criteria to be met in order to have an official diagnosis of an eating disorder, it is important to note that these criteria do not provide deep insight into the amount of internal distress that goes with these criteria. The DSM-5  is used by clinicians, researchers, insurance companies and others to classify a diagnosis for better communication and coordination of treatment and for insurance reimbursement. The DSM-5 does not recommend treatment guidelines. It is also important to note that the DSM-5 will revise criteria for diagnosis for mental health conditions every few years.

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